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Congress President Message

Surely Allah does not change the condition of people until they change their own condition”

Sura: Alraad, verse 11


It has been destined by the creator of the universe for human to be the best of the creators, the origin of transformation, change, development and prosperity and to plan for steady steps in the path of development in order to present the society and the humankind with the right solutions and answers.

The evolution of human thought relies on a superior recognition of himself as well as his surrounding environment and the foundation of this recognition and progress is education. On the other hand, the physical and mental health promotion , society and spirituality are so much intertwined with education that they had formed the basis of a scientific discipline namely, Health Education and Promotion.

Health Education and Promotion in the forefront of all the measures and undertakings of the other organizations, with the purpose of empowering and development of the societies, has been overarching all the services and has guaranteed the ultimate success of health education programs.

The worthwhile experience of the previous national congresses on health education and promotion along with the attempts of the experts, scholars, and professors in the field, has fueled us with the enthusiasm to hold this scientific meeting and continue the same path.


Today we plan to consider health education and promotion as the subject of discussions and exchange of ideas among the scholars from all over the globe so that they can share their high intellect and valuable ideas in this forum.

Thanks to God for providing the opportunity for the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences to host the scholars and the experts in the field.  I hope holding this international congress is a step forward to enhancing the knowledge, perspective and measures taken regarding health and provides valuable achievements for the Islamic Republic of Iran.



Dr. Hossein Karim

The Congress Chairman &

The Chancellor of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences