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Message of the Executive secretary of the congress


Education is thought of as the exemplar of thorough and constant development programs all over the world followed by knowledge, logical insight and typical behavior and initiatives and has been recognized as one of the influential or perhaps the most important factor in the development and progress of each country. Health is one of the fundamental issues attested to by the scholars in the development of the countries. Therefore, the combination of education and health signifies the paramount role of health education and promotion field. Holding the international congress on health education and promotion is the initiative that every organization can be proud of and we, too, are proud of the opportunity to host this forum with the purpose of exchanging scientific ideas and expertise. The Kermanshah University of Medical sciences is proud to invite the scholars and experts in the field to participate in this congress in the remarkable and all green spring in May when the meadows are all covered in green and flowers and the time when no word can describe the beauty of the rebirth of the earth. We sincerely wish for the best time and state of well being for you during the congress.


Dr. Behzad Karami Matin

The Executive Secretary of the Congress