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About Faculty of Health

The Public Health Faculty of the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences initiated its independent undertakings from the Paramedics Faculty in 1987 with four distinct educational departments (Family Health and Disease & Defense) at associate level, (Environmental and Occupational Health departments) at associate and bachelor levels, both undergraduate degrees.


Environmental and Health Engineering department has also had admissions for undergraduate and graduate degrees at the levels of bachelor and masters since the first semester in 2009, Statistics and Epidemiology department at masters levels since the first semester in 2012 and the Nutrition and Food Health department at masters level since 2013.

The Faculty Dean: Dr. Yahya Pasdar

The Educational Deputy: Dr. Mojtaba Limoei

The research Deputy: Dr. Meghdad Pirsaheb

Finance and Accounting deputy: Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Sarmadi


Educational departments:

Environmental health engineering

Public health

Occupational health Engineering

Nutrition and Food health