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Oral/Poster Presentation Guideline

Guidelines for Preparation of Oral Representation:

Accepted articles must be prepared in a common format for oral representation for 10 minutes maximum. Allocated time for oral representation is 8 minutes for the talk and 2 minutes for questions and answers.

In case presenters intend to use Power Point representation, they are kindly requested to prepare ONLY their first slide according to the downloadable sample provided here at the bottom of this page. The format of other slides are optional for presenters.

Guidelines for Preparation of Poster Representation:

All authors whose articles are accepted for poster presentation are kindly requested to prepare the posters of their articles according to the following format. They are also requested to set up their posters in the poster hall according to the timetable that will be announced later by the Congress office. Formats for the posters are downloadable at the bottom of this page in two templates of  Power Point and Microsoft Publisher. 

The authors are required to prepare their poster in one of these templates.

1- Posters should be prepared in English and authors are required to prepare their articles in English ONLY for poster presentation.

2- Content font should be Times new Roman.

3- The title of the article should be readable from a distance of 5-6 meters.

4- The author or authors' names should be written and the affiliation of the authors' should be mentioned in the following line.

5- Duplicating the whole article as a poster is not appropriate and it is recommended that the article be presented with a combination of tables and graphs. Images will help a great deal to illustrate the text.

6- The author should be available for presenting the poster in the poster session. (If another person is going to present the poster, he/she should be knowledgeable enough to present it).

The Poster Session Schedule:

1- Regarding the large number of accepted posters, each poster is scheduled to be presented only once in the Congress program. The timetable of the poster presentation will be announced later in the Congress website.

2- In order to present your poster and publish it in the final booklet of the congress, the authors are required to register in the congress and pay the costs.

3- Please find the time of your poster presentation on the congress website and remember it.

4- On the due day of your poster presentation, please refer to the posters' registration booth half an hour before the time of your presentation. Please make sure that you have your poster(s) code(s) with you on your presentation day. 

5- Please make sure that you set up your poster on the right place.